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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  July 15, 2010 10:00pm-10:30pm PST

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live, this is. the neck giants new i phone 4 has been plagued with reception problems. the company is expected to make a major announcement tomorrow. con has details on what's actually wrong with the phone. kron people have asked what's this. in his keynote last month t apple owner was so proud, he called it brilliant engineering, which actually
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uses the stainless steel band as part of the antenna system. >> the long part is the cellular antenna, the short part is -- holding the phone in the so-called death grip, we made our cell signal disappear. apples essence yearing was so brilliant, consumer reports won't recommend iphone four. analysts say a recall would cost the company $1.5 billion, so a recall is not likely. they could stick to their guns telling users to hold the phone a different way or get a case. they may put out an update that
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makes the reception more honest. some have speculated apple might announce it's giving away free bumper cases. they cost 30 bucks in the store, but only a dollar to make. we bought one and tested it, and, yes, the bumper greatly improved reception. it's almost as if it was made for that. >> jonathan is here now. does that work? >> yes, it's a glorified rubber band. it keeps your hands from touching touching the metal part of the phone. it slides over the phone and keeps your fingers from touching it. >> some of those cases can get pricy. >> they sure can. this was $15. apple's bumper is $30. consumer reports is
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recommending this, it's a roll of duck tape. the way you do it, you take that corner of the iphone t one you're not allowed to touch, and you put a strip of duck tape over it like this, so when you hold the phone over your hands, you're not touching the two pieces of metal. it's not the prettiest solution, but it costs you a penny. >> tomorrow we'll find out at 10:00 what apple has to say about the design flaw. >> we have more information on our website. click on the tech report link under the news. that's messerly was convicted of manslaughter in the shooting death of oscar grant. the verdict came down in the courtroom last week. we have details from walnut
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creek. >> reporter: to ensure everyone's safety, police are calling for help during monday's rally. >> we're working with the police since they're responsible for the clubhouse. other agencies in the area -- we're still developing our plan. >> they're calling it a peaceful rally. this is the facebook page that organizers are using to spread word of the event. on thursday, nearly 100 people had rsvped that they were attending. >> the police said the supporters could clash here. >> anytime you have two groups with conflicting issues, yeah, we've got concerns, and we're prepared to deal wit. >> details on their page say this is not about inflicting
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violence, instruction or intolerance and asks people who has those intents, to stay home. >> meanwhile, members of the grass roots organization, met tonight. they discussed their dissatisfaction and they also say they're planning a response to next week's pro messerly rally. >> we will come up with a program and a plan of action, a political plan of action that has nothing do with rioting to answer what's going on here. even these young men have expressed with me that they can see that putting back the date of the sentencing to november 6 november 6th is an outrage. he's guilty as sin. he needs to go to jail and do his time. >> sanders said he was upset to come home and see people
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destroying property last thursday night h. said the real organized protest that happened was constructive and peaceful. >> meanwhile, police have released photographs that show people looting stores, smashing win smashing windows. take a look at these photos released by the oakland police department. the oakland police say someone snapped a photo of this guy coming out of the foot locker holding clothes. here's another photo of a woman holding what appears to be the top portion of a mannequin with the shirt still on it, also coming out of sears. and these people here, looks like they're looting a sushi bar. this guy is running down the
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street with two arms full of clothes. oakland police say they still need the public's help in identifying people you've seen here in these photographs. well, it was really warm out there today and we're in for another warm day tomorrow. we're going to see very little fog build up tonight into tomorrow morning. by 7:00 minimum, the low clouds will be scaling back. we're going start the day mild. once again by noon the fog will be completely offshore. it's going to hang around the koasal spots until late morning. our inland spots near 100 degrees, and it's going to be kept a little more mild at the coastline thanks to sea breeze winds. we'll take a look at how long this heat is going to stick
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around. tonight, british petroleum says it has capped the web. you can see that there's no oil that we can see gushing. many officials are responding cautionly to this development. we look at dangers still impose and why this is not a permanent fix. @' :
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in tonight's headlines, lightening strikes and sweltering heat sparked wildfires. this one in riverside county pushed by strong winds. some were small, others up to 75-acres or more. there was a forced evacuations of homes and businesses. president obama said businesses have nothing to fear from the financial overhaul bill passed today by the senate. it will lead to safer system.
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mr. obama is said to sign this next week. startling discovery by crews at the world trade center side, remnants of a ship dated back to the 18th sentry. an anchor was discovered also. is the heat going to stick around through the weekend. i will have the answer in a few minutes. x?
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[ horns honking ] ♪ [ male announcer ] come into an at&t store and experience tv like you've never seen before. ♪ for a limited time, get u-verse tv for only $29 a month for 6 months with dvr included. first the first time in months, there's almost no oil gushing into the gulf of mexico. these live pictures tell the story. no oil gushing there. the newly fitted oil cap seems to fit now while all the other attempts have failed. vicki has details. >> reporter: what a difference a few hours makes.
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on the left, a picture from this morning showing the familiar geyser of oil. on the right, what it looked like this afternoon. >> i think we have to be caution through this 48 hour period. we could be entering the final chapter in this tragedy. >> reporter: what you're seeing is the result of a test. in the past day, bp engineers closed off the cap. now it's waiting period to see if it can hold off the oil. >> think of a fire hydrant that's raging away water. if you cap it too quickly, then the top can burst. it came after an explosion on the oil rig killed 11 workers and triggered the spill. the chief operating officer says a lot of work needs to be done. we're going the clean the
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shoreline and clean the water and make things right in the community. >> british petroleum should know more about the effort in 48 hours or so as the engineers continue to test the cap on the blown out well. very little fog expected overnight tonight into tomorrow morning. we saw the fog lingering this morning, but that's going to push back tonight. it could linger until noon tomorrow. it's going to stay pretty much close to the coastline tonight. it's going the clear out early tomorrow morning, and we're in store for another hot and steam my day. we'll have cooler temperatures this weekend as a result. here's a look at fog tracker tomorrow morning. at 5:00, this is pretty much going to be the extent of it. it's stretching down the
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peninsula as well. patches lingering over san francisco and into the east bay. this is going to clear off by 10:00 in the morning. like i mentioned, we had some lingering fog until noon. that could also happen tomorrow. tomorrow, once again on the hot side, we have warm air building overhead. it's also going to be hot in the north bay. 93 in napa. 83 in hayward and in mountain view, a little cooler on the coast where we'll see some sea breeze in effect. it's going to be really hot inland. we'll finally hit some relief as we head into next week. more dense fog and cooler temperatures will fill in. >> turning to decision 2010.
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there was a protest outside the home of republican candidate megawhitman today as we report, hundreds gather to protest on what they say is the candidate's attack on public union. >> reporter: nurses march down the road of the home of megawhite man who was not home at the time. the nurses association is fighting against whitman's public employee's union for -- we think that she's not someone we can trust to be sincere in saying she compares about patient issues. >> they sent out flyers that slammed union leadership, so
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they decided to pay a visit to her home with a message of their own. >> you are mine, all mine. i won you fair and square. >> they say it's going to push people further into recession, but they're saying it's evident of the -- ail other california. tim lincecum tries to overcouple his recent sluggish outing to get the 2nd half of the season off to a better start for the giants.
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the warriors have a new owner. chris cohahn is going to sell the franchise for as much as $460 million. to joe lacob and peter grewer. they beat out three finalists including ellison who supposedly had a higher bid but did not get his bid in in time. >> with the new ownership, maybe we can get some good coaching in there and good players and free agency in there also. >> i'm not sure who the new owners are, but it would be nice to get us a ring. get in the finals. i don't know how we did last year. >> i think it's cool if we can make the team do something. if we can make the team do something, i will buy them. >> and i think he will.
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always great to hear from the man on the street. chris cohan sells the team for what is the largest price ever. tim lincecum and the giants open up the 2nd half with flair. all the kids love lincecum. leer he goes. sit down jason bay. pablo sandoval getting knocked around a little bit. oh, panda, what's happening to panda? buster posey scores. the joins have a 1-0 lead. giants in the 8th inning here. sandoval, sandoval, yeah, making the catch. and tim lincecum is going to finish up here, his 50th 50th career win, 4th career shutout,
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giants win tonight 2-0 as lincecum and san francisco -- day one of the british open, they are the story. woods doesn't have to talk to any media guy for 18 holes, so he's in a good mood. a new putter rolling it for birdie. he shot 67, tied for 8, phil mickelson doing his thing. 73. john daley lost about 50- pounds, all decked out in look at me colors. he's tied for third. of course, the question is can john do it again. rorirory mcilroy leads by two strokes. the good news for golfing fans,
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tiger woods and john daley both having good opening rounds. stage 11 of the tour de france, office si mark renshaw tossed out for head butting. they sprint to the finish. renshaw head butted and his teammate won. further proof that he's the best sprinter of his generation. you know who wrote that? kevin the bodyguard. >> he can write. >> he's fabulous, but i'm reading what he told me to read. >> it's just that you're following anyone's instructions is already remarkable. >> you could lead me into something to. i would follow you to the end of the earth. >> i'm not going there.
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how about to the car. have a good night, everybody. see you tomorrow.
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